Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wonderful holidays (Rocko)

Hello all of the friends of the Devils!!!!!

Rocko calling, and may I say thank you for understanding us taking a little bit of time off for the holidays. Each of us has been off doing family get togethers for Christmas, as I am sure all of you have as well. I hope each and everyone of you have had a wonderful Holiday season, and the best to you for the new year as well. Please be careful tonight as we bring in the new year, there is a lot of amateurs out there!........... As to what is up with us, we are still reeling from the incredible response we have had for our show in Hawaii that magical night a few weeks ago. As I always say..." mere words cannot express"..... but I do want to thank all of the fans who were there to see us, your response was incredible!!!! You have succeeded in making a bunch of road crew feel like rock stars, even if only for one day, and we shall always feel that you were the people who made it happen for us. Of course it would be great if we could go on writing new songs and recording them, but so far we haven't received any record deals, so we will continue producing shows for the artists we know and love. This doesn't mean we won't find a way to play again, it just won't be next week, that's all.

We have received a lot of great photos of the show, and we will be finding a way to post them for all to see and exchange. As was noted on the diary I did for, "it was like watching a dream from outside our bodies" so I want to thank ALL of you wonderful people who sent us pictures so we can see it really did happen!.........As to what we do next, the new year will bring new adventures, that is one thing for sure! As to what they are...... you know how we love surprises, and there are quite a few in store!!!! Just wait and see.......

Love - Rocko

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A day in the life of Rocko

Here is a diary I kept for of that night...

At the final night on the Vertigo Tour, Rocko and the Devils – led by U2’s Stage Manager Rocko Reedy - got to open the show. Here’s the diary Rocko kept for U2.Com of a day he ‘took off his my stage manager hat and put on my rock star hat’.

A day in the life of Rocko

5:30 AM - Wake up from a dream that we played the first song and the crowd just stood there in silence. Jumped in the shower and went to the coffee place for a venti latte.

8:30 AM- Arrived at Aloha Stadium. U2 had done us the huge favor of sound checking the night before so we could get a sound check. Brought our van load of gear up on the 30 semi-trucks of gear that make up the U2 stage. Grabbed another cup of coffee and went to check out the sea-containers that we would load-out U2's equipment into after the show. It would be a long night from the look of the parking lot full of containers.

10:00 AM - Rocko and the Devils set their gear on stage at the same time our good friends from the Pearl Jam crew set up their stage stuff. With all their gear as well, it looked like we had a lot of stuff too. It looked cool!

11:00 AM - Rocko and the Devils start our sound check. It is the first time we all played together in 2 months, it was strange on the big stage, but the U2 crew helped us out, and it started to sound amazing.

12:00 Noon - Rocko and the Devils finish, and the Pearl Jam crew set the rest of the gear for their band's sound check. Between all 3 bands there is a lot of stuff up there. I take off my rock star hat and put on my stage manager hat. Jake Berry, my boss and my friend, takes off my stage manager hat and tells me to go be a rock star. This is killing me! This stage has been my home for 131 shows. I could (and have) walked it with my eyes closed. It was my hell and heaven. My best pet and my worst beast. I had not thought about the end of the tour yet. I went numb for a bit, then started to giggle uncontrollably.

3:00 PM - Pearl Jam come in for a sound check. The guys in the band are super cool, and they come up and say very nice things to us. It helps calm me down a bit.

4:00 PM - PJ finish and we reset Rocko and the Devils gear. I go out in the parking lot to meet family and get to chat with hundreds of U2 fans. Very nice people. Very strange they know my name.

6:30 PM - The house lights go out and we hit the stage! After the first song, the crowd applauds and screams wildly. This is very different from the dream I had this morning! I notice several of the REAL rock stars on the side watching us. OK, now I'm a little nervous.

6:45 PM No one has booed us yet, so I decide to go out on the catwalks, what an incredible feeling! Like watching a dream from outside our bodies! The crowd is full of incredible energy, and we soak it up like a sponge.

6:55 PM - People seem to like our music. I am flying on adrenaline, so we launch into The Ramones "I Wanna be Sedated". The whole place starts to pogo dance. We go into the stratosphere. I forget how tired and sore I am from my "day job" and leap 8 feet in the air and down into the pit for the last verse and chorus. Who the hell are these guys? Why are the audience screaming? How would you feel? No words can describe the feeling!

7:00 PM - WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU MAN! I put on my stage manager hat again and get back to work. OMG! It's the last show! Gotta get set lists! Gotta do set change! 2 sets of special guests on stage! House lights! Load out! Trucks, stagehands, forklifts!

6:00 AM the next morning - We finish load out and I head to the hotel. There is a marathon going on and I get within 500 feet of the hotel and I can't get through. I finally turn around and go to the airport and fall asleep in the parking lot of Starbucks.

10:00 AM - I finally get to the hotel. I fall into bed. To sleep... perchance to dream? Did this all really happen? So they tell me...

Love, Rocko

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An amazing dream! (Brent)

Aloha from NashVegas,

Brent Jeffers here...Had this amazing dream last night that I jammed with my devil buddies in a big giant stadium on a tropical island in front of thousands of people. In all seriousness, this dream come true was one of the most euphoric 25 minutes of my life. It was such a rush seeing all you Devil Advocates out there rocking and singing along with us, it's an experience I'll never forget thanks to you. Scott, Jim, Larry, Dan, and are not only great musicians but also my friends. It was an honor to share the stage with you. Also, thanks to Jeffro, Chuck, and Mike for watching our backs. Y'all take care now, ya hea.

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WOW!! (Rocko)

Dear Devils Advocates,

Rocko, "back on One".....Wow! What mere words can describe how I feel right now?!? Rip Van Winkle maybe, as I have just slept more in the last 24 hours than I have in the last month. What a whirlwind of a month it has been, and a typhoon with an earthquake day in Honolulu on December 9th. It is definitely beyond description, but not beyond giving the proper thanks where it is due to all the people that made our incredible dream come true!

Where do I begin?.............Well of course first and foremost it must be giving the Devils their due! To my brothers - Larry O'Connor, Jim Handley, Brent Jeffers and Scott Appleton, as well as the "Inspirational Padre" Terry Lawless, and our well endowed crew - Jeffro Hannah, Kevin Elson, Chuck Beckler, and Mike Price. You guys are the most talented humans I have ever had the pure pleasure of working so hard with. Thank you for enduring my relentless verbal torture and abuse......and not giving up!......

To the wonderful U2 crew - one hundred plus of the hardest working, most loving bunch of guys and girls I have ever known!.......To Adam, Bono, Larry, and Edge (A,B,L,E) the most able and capable men I have ever worked so hard for and with. You have always inspired and driven me, and now have shown me the way to bring it to others using the energy they give you!........ To Paul McGuiness, the man who bravely gave me the chance to come from being Pinocchio to becoming a real live boy!.......

To Melanie, our webmistess and cyber-babe extraordinaire who gave us a path to the world through a bunch of buttons with letters on them......and of course, as I have not overstated enough to please myself, to each and every one of you that come here to the Rocko and the Devils web site - Zootopians, U2 fans, Journey fans, new and old friends, and the generally curious souls who have supported and inspired us to play with the last drop of essence in our souls on that wonderful warm night a couple of days ago. Here is to all of you who were there with us in person - and the rest of you who were there in spirit. Your energy for the last year has inspired us to give the most joyful noise we could never have imagined we could possibly make. Thank you for the love, thank you for the courage, and thank you for giving us the Devil music your parents warned you about!! ...........

Throughout this entire project, as well as the U2 tours I have worked for the last 15 years, there is one person I have seldom mentioned here. This is because I guard my private life very tenaciously, but I must now cry out with joy as I share this moment of joy. She has given me the courage to achieve goals when I am so weary I felt I could not go on, to play the music in my soul when my fingers hurt so bad, and to sing the notes in my mind that my voice could not reach. She has stayed by my side when I am away from home for so many months, and I love her more now than I ever have before. To my wonderful wife Hollie, who has never held me back from my dreams, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........As to what is next? More songs? Another tour? A CD? A video? ........Let us all enjoy Christmas, and then get ready for the adventures of the new year!!! .........but The Devils ain't done yet, not by a long shot!!!!!!!!.............

Love - Rocko

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

WHAT A NIGHT!!! (Scott)

WHAT A NIGHT!!! I am still on cloud 9 even almost 24 hours later!! Looking at the sea of people in front of us last night was one of the most exhilerating experiences of my life!! First off, I have to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who was at the show!! Germana, and the girls were right down front with their devil horns on, and I saw a bunch more out there in the audience before the show started! I can't tell you how cool that was!! Second, I have to give a really huge Thank You to all of the U2 tour personnel. They really went the extra mile for us, on the last day of a tour (which is always the busiest), and for dealing with a few tech's pretending to be rockstars for the day, I salute you! Of course big thanks to U2, Paul McGuiness, and Jake Berry for letting us play. Jeffro, Mike and Chuck, we couldn't have done it without you!! And last but not least, I have to thank my band mates, we worked really hard for this, and how sweet it is!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Now, it's time for a cold adult beverage on the beach!!


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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Thank you!!! (Jim)

Greetings one and all!!! I'm sitting in the dressing room and Pearl Jam is on now. There are not words to express my gratitude to Rocko Reedy, Scott Appleton, Brent Jeffers, Larry O'Connor, Dan Tracey, Chuck Beckler, and Jeff Hannah. AND....of course to EVERYONE who's been so good to all of us. It was GREAT to see signs and people wearing horns!! Thank you to the wonderfull gents in U2 for having us along.

Thank you........

Jim Handley/Rocko and the Devils

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Devils rock the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii!!!

What a show!!!!!!!!!

See the complete photo album on the Rocko and the Devils web site:

Some comments from the ones who were there at the Aloha Stadium:

"You Guys ROCKED the stage in Hawaii.... Awesome band, Awesome music. Hope to hear more from you guys in the future."

"What an amazing show! We were right down in front of the stage to watch as Rocko and the Devils treated the crowd to a healthy serving of all out rock and roll. Wonderful version of "Eleanor Rigby." Outstanding and heartfelt version of "Dirty Roadie." Everyone in the band was feeling it and playing great. They just nailed the closing version of "I Wanna Be Sedated." The crowd loved the Devils! We were all smiles and high-fives throughout the set. As a fellow graduate, I was totally stoked to see two fellow alums of Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois (Rocko and Larry) setting the bar for Pearl Jam and U2. By the way, we got many compliments on the high-quality Devils t-shirts. Hope you sold all of them! Still glowing! " ~ Mike-o

"Rocko, the smile on your face last night as you guys played was angelic :) (a devil? yeah right lol). you fairly glowed the entire set. And you had the crowd listening from the get go, you really know how to engage people to listen. The rest of you guys were fantastic too - the sound was incredibly clear in the stands, much more clear than the band that followed you :). My friend jacquie (justgimmewhatiwant) just said to tell you: she was very impressed, and thought you were awesome too... that you guys are incredible live. I agree. " ~Donna m

"Hey Rocko and the Devils! You guys did a FANTASTIC JOB on Saturday night - bona fide rock stars to be sure! Your energy and enthusiasm on stage was so apparent, we could see you guys were enjoying every second of the performance, as did we :) It won't be long now that the "Who the hell are these guys?' will have to be deleted from your concert t-shirts. ... I hope you guys can get some much deserved rest and relaxation for a little while at least. Keep following your dreams and we hope to see you again soon." ~ The Canadian Contigent Cathy, Kim, Katie, Dorota, Penny, Mel, Mike, Janet and Trev

"Now that was a fun show! Rocko and you little Devils you R-O-C-K!!! Didn't get to buy your t-shirt so now I'll have pay like $500 on e-bay or something, darn. So anyway you were great and the night was great at Aloha. Thanks for rocking and for taking care of the Rockstar. You are the Rockstar's Rockstar!" ~ Love, Alli M, Alameda, CA

"Wow...Rocko, you guys were awesome....I really thought the energy was amazing! And since I was on the end of Edge's B-stage I got a handshake from Rocko!! Congratulations on your chance to shine in front of the stadium crowd! I really appreciate all you have gone through to get to that point!! Sounded great ...keep it up guys!" ~ Eden aka Steelerfan!!

"You were clearly having a lot of fun, and your energy was infectious. Thanks for the entertainment - and for setting the mood for U2 - it was a great show. IMHO - PJ should have stayed home, and let you guys play longer :-)) Take care guys, and keep rockin" ~ Julie aka trinity1167

"Rocko and the rest of the Devils! I could not WAIT to see you guys take the stage and I was not disappointed! As soon as I heard you start I dropped my stuff at the ONE table and ran down to watch. What fun!!!! ... And I can't wait to see who ends up opening up for YOU GUYS ONE DAY!" ~ Beth (trescrazymonkeys!) P.S. Thanks for kicking off a great show. Oh and by the way, "Road Rage" got me through most of mile 17 in the marathon......! Had it in my ipod!

"Your set in Bonolulu was definately a highlight Rocko. It was almost surreal, but for a little while yours, and ours, dream came true. i even got Eleanor Rigby after you said you weren't playing it - go on, lie to me again . . . . . LOL! and i can't see this performance as a one-time shot - yer good! see you soon. may you get everything your heart desires -you worked hard and deserve it. stay close" ~ sammi from seattle =)

"is it really over? I mean... really??? when's the next Rocko and the Devils show? I guess now the U2 crew has finally understood that sign I had... "I love Dirty Roadies"... My horns have been with me for all the dates of the australian tour as you know, and now they're in my suitcase, sadly waiting for another chance... I was prepared to have a post-U2-tour depression, and I have a post-Rocko and the Devils-gig depression instead. It would've been better for me without PJ, and one hour and half of you guys!!! It was so great to be there and see you playing in front of that giant crowd... and Scott's face when he saw me and my horns and my signs, and the surprise on his face watching me singing along to most of the Devils songs..... hehe ok I'll admit I haven't learnt Road Rage too well :p Thank you guys... ... Thank you, thank you, thank you, I will miss you. Here's to hoping I'll see you and the Devils again on stage soon :)" ~ Love, Germana

"Dear Rocko, thank you very much for coming over, for adding something to the banner. 'The devils work is never done.' I sure hope so, because I really enjoyed the show. You all looked so delighted up there. It really was a treat to see and hear you guys deliver what you promised. heehee, I was actually proud to be wearing those silly horns Germana pushed in my hands :-). ... // congrats for fulfilling dreams. Life doesn't get much better than that !" ~ Love, Tina

"Hi Devils! What a great show you guys did! Congratulations :) That was so awesome, you rocked the stadium and its surroundings. Let us know if you're going to play more gigs. Thanks for keeping in touch with all of us these months. Rocko, I did finish the marathon after the show, in 4:44 hours. Could have been less if I hadn't injured my knee after 20 miles. It was great anyway, the adrenaline of your show, PJ and U2 was still running through my body. A big mahalo to all you Devils! I wear my Devils shirt with pride! Take care." ~ Hans

"Thanks for the great opening to an excellent concert. Looking forward to your next tour!!" ~ Paula

"Hello Rocko, hello Devils! Mahalo for a wonderful show in Honolulu. I had a great time listening to you and seeing how much fun you all had up on stage. It was even better than listening to your recordings. I hope that your shirts will be available online because I couldn't find any :( Happy Holidays!!" ~ JuneT

"Hey Rocko- You guys were amazing in Honolulu....I would rather see you than most opening acts any day. Your set had so much energy and you really seemed to be having fun up there. My friend and I were down on rail on the headphone on Edge's side and we were shrieking like little girls when you reached out and touched our hands. Thanks again!" ~ Emily

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Larry ready to rock 'n roll!

Thanks to everyone for your support. It's been a long time since i rocked and rolled(about 40 years) I'll be thinking up there about all the great musicians I had the honor of playing with over the years. (Especially you Mick) Thanks for thinking of me Rocko when you put this thing together even though I know McCartney was available.

Your pal, Larry

PS Lets go kick their ass................

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Ready to ROCK!!!

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you are all as psyched as we are for Saturday!! The Devils are all in Nashville today, sans Rocko, rehearsing for the big gig, and we are ready to ROCK!!!!!!!!! We have workded very hard, to put on the best show we possibly can, and now we are ready to have some fun with all of you!! See you Saturday!! 6:30 sharp!!!!!

The Devils

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T-shirts avalable at the Hawaii show (Rocko)

Rocko and the Devils T-shirts will be available for sale at the show. There will be a limited amount of shirts (500) and there is only one style. If demand warrants it, they may be available on line through, but I didn't want to get stuck with a butt-load of expensive car washing rags after the show.

Love - Rocko

Friday, December 1, 2006

Singing with U2 in Tokyo (Rocko)

Dear friends of the Devils,

Rocko calling! Sorry I have been out of touch with you all, it has been extremely busy in U2 world. The roller coaster of life on the road with U2 has been going 1,000 mph, and the events leading up to our performance in Hawaii has taken some exciting turns. I am so excited I can't sleep, it is 5:30 AM here in Tokyo. We have done 2 shows here and had to load out the equipment for 3 days so Eric Clapton can do a show in the same venue tonight. On the flight here 5 days ago, I played a song for Bono on the plane, it is a song that you guys have not heard us play yet, and I was going to let it be a surprise.... but the sequence of events over the last few days has me reeling.

We have a version of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" that we are going to open our show with in Hawaii, but it is unlike anything you have ever heard. Everyone knows it is against the Rules of Rock to try to play a song by the Fab Four and expect people to like it, but we are very proud of this one. I had not let the members of U2 hear any of our stuff yet, but I let Bono hear it on the flight to Tokyo...... and his reaction was incredible. The next things that happened are beyond belief for me, so I would not be surprised if you think I am making this up, but it did happen, I swear!!!!!!

Last night U2 did a performance of "Vertigo" and "Windows in the Sky" on a rooftop in downtown Tokyo for live broadcast on Japanese television. The view was absolutely spectacular!!! Bono was busy all day with speaking engagements to increase awareness of World AIDS Day in places all over Tokyo. Once again I am so proud to be involved with a man who gives so much of himself to help the world community, he is an inspiration to me when I am dead tired from hauling 30 trucks of gear around the world for U2. Because he could not be at the location until about 20 minutes before the live performance broadcast all over Japan, Edge had asked me to stand -in for Bono for the run through's in the, excuse me? I dreaming?.......did Rocko just say that he sang with U2 on a rooftop in Tokyo?

.......Yep, I got to sing with Adam, Edge, and Larry with the beautiful city of Tokyo spectacularly lit up in the background. It makes playing in Hawaii seem like a walk in the park, but I am soooooooo excited I am about to burst. My vocals were not great on Vertigo or Windows by comparison to the greatest singer in the world, but for these guys to let me do this with them........I have no words that could adequately describe how I feel. I am still numb to the whole thing, maybe I am still asleep and I am just dreaming that all of this happened........OW! ......nope ......I just punched myself in the face and it really hurt, so I guess this is real!!!!!!

The one thing I do not want to lose track of as we move ever so closer to the show in Honolulu is this - if it was not for all of you, the incredible fans of U2 who come to our web site, none of this would be possible. I would just be the dirty roadie that I have been for the last 32 years, loading 'em in and loading 'em out. You all have made this a spectacular event in our lives, for Scott, Jim, Larry, Brent, and me, and I hope we don't disappoint you when we play. Everything we do is for you, and I hope we are worthy of all the love you have shared with us. Stand by to go live!! You guys are the biggest part of the Devils!!!!!!

Love - Rocko

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Devils open at 6:30 PM in Honolulu (Rocko)

Dear Everyone, First of all - THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!! You have done an amazing job of getting the word out about our band. People are coming to this web site in record numbers, and downloading our tunes more than ever before! We have just found out that Rocko and the Devils will be performing at 6:30 PM on December 9th. The ticketed show time is listed as an hour later, but we are starting this early to make sure that Pearl Jam and U2 have enough time to do their full sets. We hope you all can spread the word so there is still a lot of fans there early enough to see us. We are just grateful for the opportunity to play for you all, no matter what time we start our show! To be able to open for two of the biggest bands in the world is beyond comprehension, however for us personally to be able to perform for you guys, the fans of U2 and Pearl Jam.... well.... I gotta tell you.... we are overwhelmed with joy!!! Thank you so much, and get ready for a burst of energy and excitement that will make your soul shake to the core!!!! . .. ..

Love - Rocko

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Aloha from Brent

Hey Everybody Brent here, haven't signed on for quite a while, But like Rocko has said we all have been very been this summer. Scott, Jim and I are coming up to our 80th show with the Journey and Def Leppard tour. What a great experience this has been. We all got along great and became 1 big happy family. I had the opportunity to rekindle a friendship with Dave Wolf, Def Leppards Guitar tech who I worked with back in 1987 on my first tour with Stryper. Anyway, 5 shows left on this classic rock tour, and we are all starting to really focus on the big show coming up in Hawaii. Even though Rocko is on the opposite side of the planet, we are staying in touch daily, (I'd hate to see Rockos phone bill). We will be getting together for a dress rehearsal in Nashville before flying out to Hawaii. Less than a month away.WOW

Aloha, Brent

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rehearsing Devil songs in Sydney (Rocko)

Well, well, well! Haven't we been busy little Devils.... Greetings, G'day, hello and "how ya doin'" from Rocko. I haven't had a chance to write here in the guest book for quite some time, but we finally had an actual day off here in Sydney, Australia after finishing the first 2 of 3 shows. So what did I do on my day off? Of course I went to the empty stadium and scrubbed the floor of our mammoth stage. After storing it for 7 months and then getting enough rain to frighten even Noah with his ark, it was a bit dirty to say the least, so I went over to the Telstra Stadium by myself to scrub it down. I didn't want any help from the rest of the crew, as they deserved a clear day off. I also had devilish motives for my solo venture, I wanted to rehearse my vocals. So I took my iPod full of Devil songs with my custom made Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors (...which absolutely are the best!!!) and went and sang very loudly to 74,000 empty seats (....and 12 very puzzled security police guarding the gear) while I scrubbed the stage on my hands and knees. I believe on the night in Hawaii I will sing standing up, as it would be hard to play my guitars in that "pony position". The security folks thought I was out of my mind, and of course they were right! It's just that when I am working on the U2 show, I am so busy I cannot afford to let my mind wander from my duties as stage manager. It is a full time gig that requires my full attention, but it pays off in spades when we have U2 shows as good as the ones we have under our collective belts. Last nights' was the best so far, first of all because it didn't rain!!!! The band was in fine form and surprised the crowd (and us!!!) by playing some rare gems they haven't played on the Vertigo tour before. But today was my day, so I got the stage clean and sang for a good 4 hours, or roughly going over our Rocko and the Devils set 8 times. It felt pretty damn good!!!! Bring on Honolulu baby, I'm ready!!!!! Brent, Jim and Scott are still working the final 6 shows of the Journey/Def Leppard tour, so they are busy little devils as well, however they will rehearse in Nashville together with Larry one last time before they hop on a plane to Hawaii. We hope to rehearse as a band in Honolulu before the show, but after playing a private show for the Def Leppard and Journey band and crew members last October 24th in Grand Rapids at a very cool club called "The Intersection", I can safely say WE ARE ALL READY!!!! I really miss the Devils, and it is strange being on the opposite side of the planet from them, but I feel with them in spirit, and thanks to worldwide cell phone/Internet technology - I can wake them up in the middle of the night when it is 17 hours later for me!!!! I will write to you again soon - as time allows, but with a little prodding..... maybe the rest of the Devils will check in here in the guest book...................

Love - Rocko

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Honolulu here we come (Rocko)

G'day my friends! Rocko calling from the land down under! It is a beautiful day in Brisbane, Australia, and the U2 crew is all here putting the tour back together for the rescheduled shows. The plane ride to get here was brutal(30 hours of flying for me), but it was great to get back together with my U2 crew mates again! Everyone on the U2 crew is excited for us to be playing in Hawaii, and we are ready to rock! We will be here in Brisbane polishing up the stage and programming all the lights, sound, and video for U2 to carry on the Vertigo tour to completion. There is a great sense of pride amongst the crew to make this the best shows we have ever been a part of for the band, and we are anxious to kick it into gear and get the show on the road!!!!

Sorry the Rocko and the Devils site has been wacky lately, and thanks to our fantastic web mistress Melanie for getting it going again. She is truly the "queen of Cyberspace" for us. Thank you, and a big shout out to Melanie!!!! There was such a tremendous surge of people coming here that the server did a meltdown. Thank you all for your patience and understanding - and please keep coming and writing to us on this guest book page. We love to hear from you! Time for me to get to work, but we look forward to reading your comments each day! As you can see, we have lost a ton of postings from you all since August 28th - which is regrettable, but I hope you will spread the word that we are up and running again, and you can fill it up again with your wit, wisdom and love!!!! Honolulu here we come.......

Love - Rocko

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New recording - Dirty Roadies

Dear Zootopians,

We have put two new songs on Rocko and the Devils web site. A new mix of "ROAD RAGE" and a song no one has heard (at least not our version) called "Dirty Roadies". Please enjoy them, and if you do.... please tell the planet about our web site.


Rocko and the Devils

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

New recordings from Nashville!!!

ROCKO AND THE DEVILS CALLING!!! ALL RIGHT THEN EVERYONE! I HAVE MY CAPS LOCK FULLY ENGAGED FOR A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! LISTEN UP! .....Ahem,....Sorry about shouting, but we are very excited here in the Rocko and the Devils web site. As you may know, we went into a recording studio last week in Nashville to record our rehearsal for the Hawaii show, and the results were absolutely stunning! We are dying to share the tunes with you all, but we have to move cautiously because of legal stuff (copyright, publishing, public display of affection, that kind of stuff...) so we are going to release the songs one at a time over the next couple of weeks. Make sure your Browser cache is clear before you go there, but if you go to and then click on the MUSIC page and click on "Broken Brains", you will find a brand new remix of our song. I think you will find it very interesting to hear the evolution of the tune from the original version. First of all, it's in stereo! Secondly there are now background vocals on it, and most of all the recording quality is much better than the first basement tapes we have had on the site the past several months. We may be making a big mistake by releasing these for free, but we are just too excited to keep this to ourselves. So download Broken Brains and crank it up on your stereo, I-pod, or whatever media you have, and let us know what you think!!!

Love - Rocko and the Devils

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Guestbook down (Rocko)

Hello.......hmmmm..........You must be Zootopians............My name is Rocko.............yep...........that Rocko!.............. I wanted to first of all thank all of you who have been so nice to us in your letters and comments on our web site. Although we would love to join you in some of the wonderful activities you have planned for Hawaii, please accept our humble regrets that we won't be able to come as I still have to give my undivided attention to putting the U2 production together. After all, it will be the most important show OF THE CENTURY! So I've got to make sure everything is right with my "day job". Thank you so much for your offer, however. I do come here to your web site, as well as, but I resist the urge to write things in here.It is your web site, the true U2 fans, and I respect that very much. I do think you guys have a great thing going here, a lot of hard work by you all, and it shows what creative and humorous people you are. Nice work!I wanted to let you know that our web site - has not been working properly for the last week. We are trying to fix it, but we think someone may have hacked into it. If you try to write something in our guestbook, it just keeps asking for the password over and over. We hope to fix this as soon as possible, so please accept our apology until it is up and running again.Best wishes to you all, and please come and write stuff when we are back in order. I may not reply if you write to me here, as I don't want my "roadie prints" all over your lovely site. Keep up the good work, and carry the love........................

Love - Rocko

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rehearsing at the "Man Cave" (Jim)

Greetings one and all!! I just wanted to say hello, and let everyone know that the Devils have been taking advantage of the break in the Journey/Def Leppard tour to get together and spend some time rehearsing. We all got together at the "Man Cave" lair to run through some things, and we also made a small public apprearance at an event where we were invoved with the performance of Mildred and Patty Hill's favorite song (Oh Man am I gonna get in trouble for that one! You guys are smart, you'll figure it out). We're all pumped up for Hawaii and can't wait to get there. We're looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

-Jim Handley

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

They must be Zootopians... (Rocko)

For those of you that don't know, last April when the Devils were supposed to play in Hawaii, but didn't because of the postponement, I went with my wife Hollie on a holiday in Maui. We already had it booked, and there was no way I would not go. So we went and had one of the best vacations of our lives. We never get to spend enough time together as it is, and for her constant understanding about my relentless touring and being away from home so much, we decided to go anyway - as we had been there 3 times before. Maui is our favorite place to go and relax after a long tour.

So there we were - on the east coast of Maui, just coming back from a long hike in a state park that leads to a magnificent place called The Seven Pools. It is a naturally occurring set of waterfalls that is beautiful beyond description, just look it up on the internet! After we had been there and were almost back to our car, we were walking along the last bit of path that runs parallel to the only road in or out of the place, when we heard the screech of tires and a woman exclaiming "There's Rocko!" I have to admit that I was startled, but I turned to my wife and said "....they must be Zootopians...".

They pulled over and we had a pleasant chat for a quite a while. Of course they wanted to know anything I might know about when the rescheduled shows, and specifically Hawaii. I couldn't tell them anything official, as even I had not gotten confirmation from anyone yet, but I thought I could give a devilish clue, without violating any confidence. I told them a tale of the first time I ever came to Hawaii.

I was working for The Scorpions in 1991, and we had just finished our tour in Japan. The last show was December 7th, 1991 - 50 years to the day of the Pearl Harbor attack that started World War 2. After the show I was in Tokyo, and I went out for to a bar with the promoter ( a Japanese man named Nori) and the sound man for the Scorpions ( a German man named Horst). We were having a great time together when it suddenly occurred to me that it was a monumental anniversary, and how ironic it was that 3 men from 3 countries that used to be such fierce enemies 50 years earlier, were now such good friends. Would our parents have believed it?... Maybe not.... but we agreed that we must do all we can to make sure that we never let it happen again. That night I flew from Tokyo to Honolulu, but after crossing the International date line it was December 7th again, and I flew in over Pearl Harbor to land at the Honolulu airport at 6:30 AM, almost exactly 50 years to the moment of the attack. It was an emotional moment that I will never forget.

This all relates back to the "Girls from Canada" because I told them this story and then said "...wouldn't it be amazing for me to make that same journey (...flying from Japan to Hawaii) on the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day? I never said that's when the show would be, but I gave them a Devilish wink and said " don't tell anyone what I have told you". ....To my surprise, and I might add - to my relief, none of these fine ladies ever leaked this information to anyone! So thank you to them, and all of you, for keeping the faith for us. All the best to you!!!!

Love - Rocko

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rocko and the Devils will play the Aloha Stadium!!! (Rocko)

Dear Planet Earth, Thank you to all of you who have remained faithful to us. It was slowly driving us mad to not be able to say anything to all of you about the turn of events for our performance in Hawaii on December 9th. We are honored to be able to perform with Pearl Jam and U2. It looks the the roller coaster ride is starting up again!!!! Are you ready to get on????

Love - Rocko

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Tour announced:

20.07.2006 U2’s Vertigo Tour Hits The Road Again!

It's official! At last we can confirm the rescheduled Vertigo//2006 shows. U2 will hit the road again in November. Starting in Brisbane on November 7th , U2 will play further dates in Australia, New Zealand and Japan before finishing in Hawaii on December 9. Kanye West will join the band in Australia and New Zealand while Special Guests, Pearl Jam will join Rocko and the Devils for December 9 in Honolulu.

These show dates are rescheduled following the postponement of Vertigo//2006 earlier in the year. For full ticket information in your area please see below. “We are very happy to announce the rescheduling and appreciate everyone’s patience.” said Arthur Fogel, of TNA. The Vertigo Tour opened in San Diego in March 2005, is set for a grand finish in Hawaii with the addition of Pearl Jam. “It’s going to be a great night in Hawaii,” said Paul McGuinness, U2’s manager. “The band are really pleased Pearl Jam could join the bill, a great end to what has already been a very successful tour.”

The new show dates are as follows:
Auckland - Ericsson Stadium - (Old Date) Friday, March 17th/06 - (New Date) Friday, November 24/06
Auckland - Ericsson Stadium - (Old Date) Saturday, March 18th/06 - (New Date) Saturday, November 25/06
Brisbane - QSAC Stadium - (Old Date) Tuesday, March 21st/06 - (New Date) Tuesday, November 7/06
Melbourne - Telstra Dome - (Old Date) Friday, March 24th/06 - (New Date) Saturday, November 18/06
Melbourne - Telstra Dome - (Old Date) Saturday, March 25th/06 - (New Date) Sunday, November 19/06
Adelaide - AAMI Stadium - (Old Date) Tuesday, March 28th/06 - (New Date) Thursday, November 16/06
Sydney - Telstra Stadium - (Old Date) Friday, March 31st/06 - (New Date) Friday, November 10/06
Sydney - Telstra Stadium - (Old Date) Saturday, April 1st/06 - (New Date) Saturday, November 11/06
Honolulu - Aloha Stadium - (Old Date) Saturday, April 8/06 - (New Date) Saturday, December 9/06

In Tokyo, 3 New Show Dates have been confirmed Tokyo - Saitama Super Arena - Wednesday, November 29th/06 Tokyo - Saitama Super Arena - Thursday, November 30th/06 Tokyo - Saitama Super Arena - Monday, December 4th/06

More information for ticket holders in Australia/New Zealand More information for ticket holders in Japan More information for ticket holders in Hawaii

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Spread the word about the Devils (Rocko)

Hello to all you "Devils Advocates" out there! Rocko here. We are out on the road with Def Leppard and Journey and the shows are just incredible. Each night the roar of the crowd is more intoxicating than the night before. I am amazed at how many people we run into that call us by name, considering we're just a bunch of road crew who happen to play in a band together. We are just starting to play Devil music again together and it certainly is fun to do. We are planning to get together for rehearsal in August, just in case some gigs come up for us!.............. Do I know any secrects?........Probably!............Am I gonna tell?,,,,,,,,Not yet!...........Well when the hell am I gonna say something??............................................................could be soon. Here's the deal my friends, we love seeing comments here in our guestbook, and those of you who come here regularly are good and cherished friends. But we need to get the word out about our music. I mean,.....what the hell!! - we are giving the tunes away free! We need more people checking out BROKEN BRAINS and ROAD RAGE. Telephone, Telegraph, Teleprompter, or Tell-a-friend! We want to see and hear about more people coming here to check out the web site. If there are more hits on the Rocko and the Devils MUSIC page...... then maybe.......just maybe...... I will give some devilish hints......

Love - Rocko

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Monday, June 12, 2006

About opening acts (Rocko)

When it comes to opening acts for any of the artists I work with I try to make them feel like stars. I live through their adventures, and I want them to walk away from the experience feeling that they were taken care of as professionally as possible. One never knows who the next "big thing" will be. The first time I met U2 they were the opening act for The J Geils Band. They were young, brash, high energy kids who hadn't yet acheived their musical peak. (...a nice way of saying they weren't that good yet!) You treat people the way you would like to be treated - with respect and encouragement. Some acts are so used to being treated like dirt by other productions they don't know how to react to my ways of doing business. I have had bands offer me gifts and money for special treatment - which I turn down and tell them "...give it to the guys who don't treat you with respect after they are done abusing you, it might make them realise how unprofessional they really are acting". Secret Machine, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol. Kanye West, the list of my new friends from this last U2 tour is quite long, and I would be happy to work with any of them again. However I would not be buying any of their CD's..... only because I don't buy anyone's records. I have plenty of music drifting in my head already!

Love - Rocko

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

The bigger picture (Rocko)

Message from Rocko.........6/6/06? Oh that old rumor!!! Actually the number is 9/9/09! People have gotten that wrong for centuries, it always cracks me up when I hear that. Trust me, when the world comes to an end, everyone will know it - and there won't be anything you can do about it. So my advice to everyone is live every single moment like it may be your last, that way you won't be disappointed. As humans we tend to worry about the stupidest and simplest little things, only because we don't step back to look at the bigger picture. Rock shows don't matter, computer web sites don't matter, and anything I have to say CERTAINLY doesn't matter. . . . ... We devils have been very busy spreading our wings over Europe and the Journey shows have been amazing! The band has been playing excellent, as always, but as I said before - it is the fans that make the show. The crowds at each of the shows have made each performance some of the most incredible we have ever had! The audience not only knows ever word to every song, but at times is louder than the band!!! Journey will definitely be returning to Europe within the next year for many more shows. ..................Oh yeah......remember when I said "an announcement will be made in the near future" know.....the other thing you come here to find out about? Better pay know how I love secrets and surprises, right? Bwaah-haa-haa (...evil laughter)

Love - Rocko

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Devils Holiday in Germany (Scott)

6/6/6- Or Devils Holiday, as I like to call it!! Hello all, Scott here, in Germany celebrating the day off (Yes, even Journey let us off from work to celebrate our Holiday!! ;-) ) with a little German beer and Schnitzel (sp?) We have had a couple of great gigs in the UK, and are looking forward to meeting our summer tour mates, Def Leppard, for the first time tomorrow. Hope all is well on the other side of the globe. Cheers, Bye!!


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hi from Scotland! (Rocko)

Rocko calling! Well, we have arrived in Scotland! In the 32 years I have been coming to the UK this is the first time it has been blue sky and sunshine upon our arrival. Nothing against Scotland, mind you! It's just that dark cloud that follows me around throughout my life. It is wonderful here, and everyone talks with my mum's accent, which makes it even more enjoyable. We will be doing 6 shows in the next 8 days, and most of the time we hit the ground running, as some of the bus rides are 16 hours long. So although we would love to have a cup of tea with you, I'm afraid that time won't permit. Thank you for the offer my dear! Most of our friends out there want to go out and have a few beers, and - believe it or not, I stopped drugs and booze in 1990 when I worked for Aerosmith. The Devil needs no spirits to do his work!! . . . . . . . . The Journey band and crew are ready though, after spending a week rehearsing in California. It is the first time in about 25 years that Journey has played in Europe, so they have a lot of energy to burn up on stage. The Devils will not be appearing with them, but we will be playing a little before sound check if time permits. Now remember, Larry is still at home in Chicago, so we are not the "Devils Compleat" - but we can blaze through a song or two with Jeffro on bass, so we will have "a bonko time!" . . . . . . .

Love - Rocko

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Calling from San Francisco (Rocko)

Hello!....Hello!.........I'm in a place called San Francisco!! Rocko calling! I am with my fellow Devils Scott, Jim, and Brent at the Journey rehearsal studio in a secret location north of San Francisco getting ready for our short European tour with Journey next week. We are going to Edinburgh, Scotland - Milton Keynes and Manchester, England - with stops at festivals in Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands. (For information on dates go to It's really great to be working with Journey band and crew again; we really have a great family out here, and it will be a fun summer touring North America with Def Leppard and Journey. We have been pretty busy getting things ready, and we haven't had time to play Devil stuff yet, but I am hoping today that we might play a song or two. Make sure you check out the radio interview Scott, Jim and Brent did in Nashville. It's on the "NEWS" page, and you can get there by clicking on NEWS at the top of this page. There is also some new pictures on the PHOTO page, and we will be taking shots of our hijinks this summer and posting them as well. I hope we will run into a few of you as we travel around. Please let us know what you are doing as well! Still haven't heard official word about the U2 tour yet, but trust me, when we do it will be posted here right after I do a little dance and scream "YAHOO!!!" . . . . . .

Love - Rocko

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Brent, Scott and Jim Radio Interview (Brent)

Hey Everybody, Brent here. Scott, Jim and I had a great time early this mornin on a radio show called Big Hair Friday, Basically, Its a 1 hour mornin show where they interview 80's bands that reside in Nashville. Recently, the've had Slaughter and Winger and today, they wanted to interview us road dogs that tour with Journey. My girlfriend Laura runs the front desk there and when she told the DJ that her boyfriend works for Journey, they were excited to have us, especially when they found out that we also play in a band Rocko and the Devils and were going to be opening for U2 later on this year.

Listen to this interview on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, Tennessee: mp4 file

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New song for download: Broken Brains (Rocko)

OK everyone - here ya go!! Please click on the MUSIC tab above and you can hear another song by Rocko and the Devils. As I said - it is called Broken Brains, and it is a song for the parents of teenagers. I personally don't have any kids (yet) but I know lots of people that do, and it's funny hearing them talk about the problems their kids get into, at which point I remind them we used to get in the same problems (or worse) when we were their age. Same as with Road Rage, this is a "warts and all" recording of us at rehearsal last January, no overdubs, effects, and done without a net. I held off on putting this song on the site because we had hoped to do a proper studio recording, but then I decided "what the hell", this is what we sound like in the basement - where we wrote this stuff and worked on it. It is Devil music, please enjoy and let us know what you think. Please burn it to a CD or put it on your iPod, as it sounds like poop on little computer speakers. And feel free to send it to your local radio station. We don't have a record deal yet, so it's not a problem with residuals or anything like that. Be sure to keep a copy of these tunes in this rough format. They will be worth a fortune on ebay when our record finally comes out. Love - Rocko...........PS - Hey Bono! Don't even think about stealing these lyrics, they're copywritten. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!!!

Love - Rocko

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Greetings from California (Jim)

Greetings one and all! Jim checking in from the bay area out in California. Scott, Brent and I are all up here prepping gear to be sent out to europe for the Journey leg starting June 2nd. Thank you, to the wonderful people who were so nice to my mom. She's had nothing but great things to say about the U2 fans she met on her way back from Hawaii. She told me how nice everyone was, and she seemed VERY impressed that everyone also knew who Rocko and the Devils were! I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope that we get to see ALL of you very soon. Dare I say it?.......Don't Stop Believin'....hee, hee, hee.....I crack myself up!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On tour with Journey (Rocko)

There is a good chance that the Devils will be playing before Journey every day of the upcoming tour, the only thing is - it will be in front of empty seats. Every day the Devils get up and play before the band comes in for sound check so the sound guys can dial things in. The only people that see this are the local stage hands and the touring crew. Talk about a tough audience! However, we would get a chance to work on new material on days off, and then try the songs we are working on over a big sound system. As far as us opening for Journey, that probably would not happen as they are performing with Def Leppard in a co-headline tour, so there just ain't enough time for us to play or we would go past curfews and cut their performance time (...not a good thing to do to your employers) As I have said many times before though; the Devils love surprises and secrets, so keep watching this web site, and you may get just that!!!!

Love - Rocko

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Message from Rocko

Wow! is all I can say. The pictures and video are incredible! I am so glad so many of you got to enjoy the spendor of the Hawaiian islands as I did. I was glad to hear that everyone made it home safely, I am sure it is hard for all of you to come down to earth after spending time in the most incredible place on the planet. So today is the day I promised myself I would get back to the bust-ass hard working guy I normally am, and catch up on all the e mails and phone calls. There is lots to do for me, particularly deciding what I will be doing this summer. I have received a lot of offers to go do huge tours for other artists, but I have a feeling I will stay loyal to my friends with Journey so I can be as close as possible to Scott, Jim, and Brent. We shall see.... But for now I will be checking in every day here on the website, so please drop a note and let us know what your thoughts and comments are. Talk to you soon!


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back from Maui (Rocko)

HELLO! HELLO! Rocko returning to the little slice of reality called home after the most incredible holiday I have ever been on - 2 weeks in Maui!!!! I first of all want to let the Zootopian girls from Canada who ran into to my wife and me in Hana know we are so glad you made it back OK. The Hana highway is the most challenging stretch of road, (with 157 hairpin turns over sheer cliffs). Driving during the day is hard enough, but doing it at dusk and into night as you did is extreme! I will write some more about what I have been up to in the coming days, but first I want to hear about all you guys who went to Honolulu. Your adventures were the talk of the islands ( least on the radio) Please write back.

Love - Rocko

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hey Everyone!! (Scott)

Hey Everyone!! Good to see you all still hanging out in our little corner of the web. We had a great rehearsal last week, it was soooo nice to have all of us "under one roof" for the day. We had such a great time working on our set, and doing a few "Nashville tribute" versions of tunes just for kicks. We were also lucky to catch up with our old friend Peter Frampton, who was rehearsing at Soundcheck the same day. As some of you may know, Jimmy and I worked for Peter for a while, and it was very nice to see him and the rest of the gang. I hope everyone who is goiing to Hawaii this week has a GREAT time, and don't get tooo sun burned!! To say that we are looking forward to getting there at the end of the year is a huge understatement!!!! Until next time.


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Monday, April 3, 2006

Rocko Calling

ROCKO CALLING! HERE I AM! SORRY I HAVE BEEN AWAY! I'M BACK!!!!!!!......OK everyone! Sorry I have not posted anything in the last couple of weeks, I have been at home doing something I seldom get a chance to do.... be domestic! I had forgotten how much pleasure I get from doing the most simple things around the house; spring cleaning, yard work, changing the oil on Bessie Mae the Devilmobile, and generally being a good husband. I have been on the road since January of '05 and there are many things I just can't do until I am home for a while, so that's what I have been doing. Now I would like to get down to answering questions!!! First of all, we have no information about the U2 family member illness. Please realize how important it is to allow U2 to have peace and privacy regarding this situation. Everyone's prayers and well wishes for all the families of U2 band and crew are so important to us, and we thank you for all your help. Rocko and the Devils will still be opening for U2 in Hawaii!!!! The promoter is putting the last bits of information together before the official announcement of when the postponed dates will be rescheduled for later this year in Hawaii, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. You can expect an announcement on, as well as this web site, in the near future, so please stay tuned. Last week, Larry and I flew down to Nashville where we met up with Jim, Brent, and Scott for a long day of playing at a rehearsal studio called Soundcheck. It was a gas! The band sounded great together after practicing apart from each other so intensely for the last 2 months. We have decided that now that we have time before the gig, we will write some more songs and go into a recording studio and do it right. By the end of the day there we were all fired up to keep playing - my voice was shot but it was so much fun! I can't wait until we get together again. There is a lot more things to be said, but I don't want to spew too much just yet. I am going to Maui next week for 2 weeks vacation ( was booked for right after the original show date, so I figgered why not go anyway!) but I will try to stay in touch via the web site. Stay tuned....

Love - Rocko

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Update on the Devils (Rocko)

Rocko again! So.... Here is the latest update about what we have been up to. The last time the Devils played together was early February when we all converged on Nashville for our final rehearsal all in the same room. We made a "board recording" of that rehearsal and each of us has a CD of it so we can rehearse with headphones and iPod's. Me in the stadium seats away from the stage after load-in in various venues all over South America, Larry at his home in Chicago, and Scott, Jim, and Brent in Nashville. Kind of a strange way to prepare for the biggest gig of our life! However it is the only way to make sure we are tight on the night. Scott, Jim, and Brent leave next week to work for Journey who are playing at a private corporate event in a tropical state that starts with an "H",but they have and will again get together with Larry a few days before they come to Honolulu. I have just finished the South American portion of this leg of the U2 tour, and unfortunately I injured my knee when I fell off the stage during the first of 2 shows in Buenos Aires. I am walking with crutches right now but will be OK as I have a week to recover.Then it is on to New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. If, and this is a big if, our U2 production team can get the show flown into Hawaii from Japan and loaded into Aloha Stadium the day before (April 7th) and have everything U2 ready to go, we might have time to rehearse one last time together that evening. That's what the guys were talking about when they said "if Rocko doesn't have us turning the grinding wheel". I still have to do my job as Stage Manager, with a 45 minute break to get up and be a rock star, then back to running the show and loading it all out. This brings me to a point I would like to make about why we are doing this. Our performance is more than an unbelievable personal opportunity for us as musicians, it is more for the incredible fans of U2. In all of our years of touring there has never been people in the crowds of any of the artists we set up shows for as dedicated, as loving, as caring, and as exciting as U2 fans and Journey fans. They are all cut from the same stock - that is... ordinary people doing something extraordinary. You know if you have ever been to more than one of these shows what I am talking about. All Rocko and the Devils represent is - that we are the same as all of you. We are just like the person in the crowd who holds up a sign saying "pick me" or "I play guitar". The fact is we work for artists who are confident enough in who they are, and appreciative of the hard work we put in each show to give them a stage to do what they do best. But neither rock star or road crew member would have a job if it wasn't for the fans. Everthing we do is for you, for without an audience, what we build is totally indefensible. There would be no reason to build these huge productions if it was not for the fans. And trust me, I have seen these guys rehearse without a crowd in front of them, the music is just not the same without you. So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for coming out and giving us purpose. I hope our show is worthy of your soul sharing.

Love - Rocko

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hi from Brent

Hey this is Brent finally checkin in, the silent keyboard player. Just hearin from you all you guys has sparked an excitement and inspiration. I wanted to answer the question asked me on 2/15 about being so famous in the 80's and now having to back Jonathan Cain? First, I was never so famous, nobody knew who I was because back then I was more like a crew guy playing keyboards offstage. Back in the 80s alot of keyboard players were hidden off to the side in those big hair bands. It wasn't cool to have a keyboard player on stage, But I was as happy as a pig in slop, I was still playing keyboards for my favorite band back then. Now, to work for Journey as Jonathans keyboard tech has been another dream come true. Jonathan Cain has always been my mentor as a keyboard player and songwriter. I feel becoming his tech and him trusting me to watch his back has been the biggest step I've taken in my career(gotta give credit to Rocko and Jay for bring me on). But this whole Rocko and the Devils thing has thrown a whole new twist, another adventure to add in a chapter in my book of life


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Greetings from Nashville (Jim)

Greetings to one and all from Nashville, Tn! I thought I would try to take a minute (as I can't seem to sleep) and check in to say hello. First off, thanks to everyone who keeps coming by and saying nice things. It's great to have the support of so many people! Don't worry, we'll deliver when we hit the stage! I'd also like to say thank you to those who've listened to the music file that we've posted. Obviously not a studio recording, but just a quick board tape from a rehearsal here in Nashville. Thanks for enjoying the song, and NOT sending me emails about "the snare tone", or "the mixing of the toms". We just thought that you might enjoy hearing something that we're doing. I'm still practicing on a daily basis, trying to get everything down the point where it's second nature. I hope this way, i can enjoy the show....without feeling too nervous. We're also working on keeping the playingt chops up......Scott and I played last night, here in town, with a group we play with (The Jones) when we're home. So....the night of the 7th, huh? Let's see how everything comes together that day......but we'll try to be there if we can. Please keep checking back, Mel's rotating content as fast as she can, so there's always something new going on here. thanks again for coming by, and please leave us a note!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Larry checking in (Larry)

How ya all doin? Hey wait a minute I'm not from Nashville! I'm from Chicago. Hey what's up! Larry the bass player here to check in.I want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to drop us devils a line of encouragement. It is very cool to share our fifteen minutes of fame with all of you. This whole deal has been a real trip,and we are really excited to be able to play on U2's stage for the best fans any band could hope to have. Also; if Rocko doesn't have us turning the grinding wheel on Fri the 7th I will be at the Tiki.

Larry O'Connor

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Road Rage song for download (Rocko)

Hello from Rocko in Santiago, Chile!!! We have the first actual "DAY OFF" since we started 2 weeks ago with the 4th leg of the U2 Vertigo Tour. It has been challenging; as always with a show this size, but has paid off in some of the best shows I have ever seen them play! Well... we finally did it... we have put one of Rocko and the Devils first songs up on the site here. Please go check it out and let us know what you think. And most of all I want to thank everyone who has put comments here in our guestbook. At the end of a long day when I am completely soaked in dirt and sweat it brings a smile to my face when I come here and see a new message from someone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love - Rocko

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Hello from Mexico (Rocko)

Hello Everyone!

Rocko here in Monterrey, Mexico where we are setting up the stage for the start of the final leg of the U2 Vertigo tour. It is very busy for me here, so I will try to answer questions as I go. First of all - MERCHANDISE! We are in the process of getting some things together for T-shirts, and hopefully it will be available for purchase on-line as well as at the Hawaii show. Please keep in mind that we are road crew, not rock stars. We don't even have a record... well not yet anyway, but you never know. Second of all - we have not had time to go in the studio to record anything so we don't really have any mp3's we could put on the web site. We have reference tapes of our rehearsal - but they are very raw garage band sounding. I hesitate to put that here and have people think we suck, because live on the U2 stage it's gonna sound MASSIVE! I hope to get a video of our Hawaii show and release that, but it's all a bit of a wank if we don't have a record deal. I don't want to wind up with 5,000 dvd's of our show sitting in my garage, ya know what I mean? We shall see, just be patient and we will do whatever fate allows.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Rehearsing in Nashville (Rocko)

Hello everyone! Rocko here. Thanks to all of you who post here. I hope to answer questions whenever I can, as I am leaving soon to start the final leg of the U2 tour. Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and ... oh ya... HAWAII!! We just finished rehearsal in Nashville and the Devils sound absolutely amazing. We will all keep rehearsing as time goes by until the big gig, the Devils in Nashville and me on the road,(in the back of a truck, no doubt). We unfortunately don't have any mp3's of the songs we wrote ... yet! We simply ran out of time to go into a recording studio and do it right, but I think we might get some kind of video of the show in Honolulu. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hello and thanks! (Jim)

Hey! When did this go up? That's what I get for traveling and NOT watching the internet!! Jim here to say hello and thanks for checking us out. Please don't be afraid to say hi and leave your thoughts here. When we finish rehearsal, I'll come back and add some of my own.

Jim Handley

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Welcome! (Scott)

Welcome to the website everyone!! Scott here, guitarist with the Devils, just stopping by to say hello, and thanks for all the votes of confidence!!

Am I excited? In a word. Yes.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thanks to everyone! (Rocko)

Thanks to everyone for coming here and writing cool stuff. We will try to answer all questions from everyone, and pass info on as it comes along. We will add more stuff as we go, but right now we are rehearsing a whole bunch of tunes, including some original songs. Stay tuned and check back often. Be warned we love surprises and secrets, but the Devils won't deceive you, nor try too hard to mislead you, while playing just to please you, with clues set about to tease you...... Nothing rhymes with "orange"... except "door hinge"

Love - Rocko

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