Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On tour with Journey (Rocko)

There is a good chance that the Devils will be playing before Journey every day of the upcoming tour, the only thing is - it will be in front of empty seats. Every day the Devils get up and play before the band comes in for sound check so the sound guys can dial things in. The only people that see this are the local stage hands and the touring crew. Talk about a tough audience! However, we would get a chance to work on new material on days off, and then try the songs we are working on over a big sound system. As far as us opening for Journey, that probably would not happen as they are performing with Def Leppard in a co-headline tour, so there just ain't enough time for us to play or we would go past curfews and cut their performance time (...not a good thing to do to your employers) As I have said many times before though; the Devils love surprises and secrets, so keep watching this web site, and you may get just that!!!!

Love - Rocko

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