Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hey Everyone!! (Scott)

Hey Everyone!! Good to see you all still hanging out in our little corner of the web. We had a great rehearsal last week, it was soooo nice to have all of us "under one roof" for the day. We had such a great time working on our set, and doing a few "Nashville tribute" versions of tunes just for kicks. We were also lucky to catch up with our old friend Peter Frampton, who was rehearsing at Soundcheck the same day. As some of you may know, Jimmy and I worked for Peter for a while, and it was very nice to see him and the rest of the gang. I hope everyone who is goiing to Hawaii this week has a GREAT time, and don't get tooo sun burned!! To say that we are looking forward to getting there at the end of the year is a huge understatement!!!! Until next time.


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