Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Guestbook down (Rocko)

Hello.......hmmmm..........You must be Zootopians............My name is Rocko.............yep...........that Rocko!.............. I wanted to first of all thank all of you who have been so nice to us in your letters and comments on our web site. Although we would love to join you in some of the wonderful activities you have planned for Hawaii, please accept our humble regrets that we won't be able to come as I still have to give my undivided attention to putting the U2 production together. After all, it will be the most important show OF THE CENTURY! So I've got to make sure everything is right with my "day job". Thank you so much for your offer, however. I do come here to your web site, as well as, but I resist the urge to write things in here.It is your web site, the true U2 fans, and I respect that very much. I do think you guys have a great thing going here, a lot of hard work by you all, and it shows what creative and humorous people you are. Nice work!I wanted to let you know that our web site - has not been working properly for the last week. We are trying to fix it, but we think someone may have hacked into it. If you try to write something in our guestbook, it just keeps asking for the password over and over. We hope to fix this as soon as possible, so please accept our apology until it is up and running again.Best wishes to you all, and please come and write stuff when we are back in order. I may not reply if you write to me here, as I don't want my "roadie prints" all over your lovely site. Keep up the good work, and carry the love........................

Love - Rocko

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