Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hi from Scotland! (Rocko)

Rocko calling! Well, we have arrived in Scotland! In the 32 years I have been coming to the UK this is the first time it has been blue sky and sunshine upon our arrival. Nothing against Scotland, mind you! It's just that dark cloud that follows me around throughout my life. It is wonderful here, and everyone talks with my mum's accent, which makes it even more enjoyable. We will be doing 6 shows in the next 8 days, and most of the time we hit the ground running, as some of the bus rides are 16 hours long. So although we would love to have a cup of tea with you, I'm afraid that time won't permit. Thank you for the offer my dear! Most of our friends out there want to go out and have a few beers, and - believe it or not, I stopped drugs and booze in 1990 when I worked for Aerosmith. The Devil needs no spirits to do his work!! . . . . . . . . The Journey band and crew are ready though, after spending a week rehearsing in California. It is the first time in about 25 years that Journey has played in Europe, so they have a lot of energy to burn up on stage. The Devils will not be appearing with them, but we will be playing a little before sound check if time permits. Now remember, Larry is still at home in Chicago, so we are not the "Devils Compleat" - but we can blaze through a song or two with Jeffro on bass, so we will have "a bonko time!" . . . . . . .

Love - Rocko

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Calling from San Francisco (Rocko)

Hello!....Hello!.........I'm in a place called San Francisco!! Rocko calling! I am with my fellow Devils Scott, Jim, and Brent at the Journey rehearsal studio in a secret location north of San Francisco getting ready for our short European tour with Journey next week. We are going to Edinburgh, Scotland - Milton Keynes and Manchester, England - with stops at festivals in Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands. (For information on dates go to It's really great to be working with Journey band and crew again; we really have a great family out here, and it will be a fun summer touring North America with Def Leppard and Journey. We have been pretty busy getting things ready, and we haven't had time to play Devil stuff yet, but I am hoping today that we might play a song or two. Make sure you check out the radio interview Scott, Jim and Brent did in Nashville. It's on the "NEWS" page, and you can get there by clicking on NEWS at the top of this page. There is also some new pictures on the PHOTO page, and we will be taking shots of our hijinks this summer and posting them as well. I hope we will run into a few of you as we travel around. Please let us know what you are doing as well! Still haven't heard official word about the U2 tour yet, but trust me, when we do it will be posted here right after I do a little dance and scream "YAHOO!!!" . . . . . .

Love - Rocko

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Brent, Scott and Jim Radio Interview (Brent)

Hey Everybody, Brent here. Scott, Jim and I had a great time early this mornin on a radio show called Big Hair Friday, Basically, Its a 1 hour mornin show where they interview 80's bands that reside in Nashville. Recently, the've had Slaughter and Winger and today, they wanted to interview us road dogs that tour with Journey. My girlfriend Laura runs the front desk there and when she told the DJ that her boyfriend works for Journey, they were excited to have us, especially when they found out that we also play in a band Rocko and the Devils and were going to be opening for U2 later on this year.

Listen to this interview on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, Tennessee: mp4 file

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New song for download: Broken Brains (Rocko)

OK everyone - here ya go!! Please click on the MUSIC tab above and you can hear another song by Rocko and the Devils. As I said - it is called Broken Brains, and it is a song for the parents of teenagers. I personally don't have any kids (yet) but I know lots of people that do, and it's funny hearing them talk about the problems their kids get into, at which point I remind them we used to get in the same problems (or worse) when we were their age. Same as with Road Rage, this is a "warts and all" recording of us at rehearsal last January, no overdubs, effects, and done without a net. I held off on putting this song on the site because we had hoped to do a proper studio recording, but then I decided "what the hell", this is what we sound like in the basement - where we wrote this stuff and worked on it. It is Devil music, please enjoy and let us know what you think. Please burn it to a CD or put it on your iPod, as it sounds like poop on little computer speakers. And feel free to send it to your local radio station. We don't have a record deal yet, so it's not a problem with residuals or anything like that. Be sure to keep a copy of these tunes in this rough format. They will be worth a fortune on ebay when our record finally comes out. Love - Rocko...........PS - Hey Bono! Don't even think about stealing these lyrics, they're copywritten. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!!!

Love - Rocko

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Greetings from California (Jim)

Greetings one and all! Jim checking in from the bay area out in California. Scott, Brent and I are all up here prepping gear to be sent out to europe for the Journey leg starting June 2nd. Thank you, to the wonderful people who were so nice to my mom. She's had nothing but great things to say about the U2 fans she met on her way back from Hawaii. She told me how nice everyone was, and she seemed VERY impressed that everyone also knew who Rocko and the Devils were! I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope that we get to see ALL of you very soon. Dare I say it?.......Don't Stop Believin'....hee, hee, hee.....I crack myself up!

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