Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our new labor of love and teamwork - "DOMINO"!

Well it is ................ our new labor of love and teamwork - "DOMINO"!

We recorded this song last week in a beautiful studio in Nashville called "Ocean Way Studios" with our very talented friends Joe Martino producing with us and Steve Crowder engineering. We are very happy with the results, and we are anxious to let you hear it and give us your reactions.

As always, we are giving it away to you - our friends and fans, because we decided that if we put it on iTunes, Rhapsody, and the rest of the pay-for-play web sites it would not get the exposure it could get from the word of mouth network that we have from the Rocko and the Devils web site. So if you love it or you hate it..... at least spread the word to everyone you know to check it out at

If you recall about us - we are the "Anti-rock stars". We don't sell recordings, we don't sell merch, we don't turn a profit, we aren't pretty, and we always have fun. Let us know whatcha think! .........

Love - Rocko and the Devils