Monday, February 27, 2006

Hi from Brent

Hey this is Brent finally checkin in, the silent keyboard player. Just hearin from you all you guys has sparked an excitement and inspiration. I wanted to answer the question asked me on 2/15 about being so famous in the 80's and now having to back Jonathan Cain? First, I was never so famous, nobody knew who I was because back then I was more like a crew guy playing keyboards offstage. Back in the 80s alot of keyboard players were hidden off to the side in those big hair bands. It wasn't cool to have a keyboard player on stage, But I was as happy as a pig in slop, I was still playing keyboards for my favorite band back then. Now, to work for Journey as Jonathans keyboard tech has been another dream come true. Jonathan Cain has always been my mentor as a keyboard player and songwriter. I feel becoming his tech and him trusting me to watch his back has been the biggest step I've taken in my career(gotta give credit to Rocko and Jay for bring me on). But this whole Rocko and the Devils thing has thrown a whole new twist, another adventure to add in a chapter in my book of life


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Greetings from Nashville (Jim)

Greetings to one and all from Nashville, Tn! I thought I would try to take a minute (as I can't seem to sleep) and check in to say hello. First off, thanks to everyone who keeps coming by and saying nice things. It's great to have the support of so many people! Don't worry, we'll deliver when we hit the stage! I'd also like to say thank you to those who've listened to the music file that we've posted. Obviously not a studio recording, but just a quick board tape from a rehearsal here in Nashville. Thanks for enjoying the song, and NOT sending me emails about "the snare tone", or "the mixing of the toms". We just thought that you might enjoy hearing something that we're doing. I'm still practicing on a daily basis, trying to get everything down the point where it's second nature. I hope this way, i can enjoy the show....without feeling too nervous. We're also working on keeping the playingt chops up......Scott and I played last night, here in town, with a group we play with (The Jones) when we're home. So....the night of the 7th, huh? Let's see how everything comes together that day......but we'll try to be there if we can. Please keep checking back, Mel's rotating content as fast as she can, so there's always something new going on here. thanks again for coming by, and please leave us a note!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Larry checking in (Larry)

How ya all doin? Hey wait a minute I'm not from Nashville! I'm from Chicago. Hey what's up! Larry the bass player here to check in.I want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to drop us devils a line of encouragement. It is very cool to share our fifteen minutes of fame with all of you. This whole deal has been a real trip,and we are really excited to be able to play on U2's stage for the best fans any band could hope to have. Also; if Rocko doesn't have us turning the grinding wheel on Fri the 7th I will be at the Tiki.

Larry O'Connor

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Road Rage song for download (Rocko)

Hello from Rocko in Santiago, Chile!!! We have the first actual "DAY OFF" since we started 2 weeks ago with the 4th leg of the U2 Vertigo Tour. It has been challenging; as always with a show this size, but has paid off in some of the best shows I have ever seen them play! Well... we finally did it... we have put one of Rocko and the Devils first songs up on the site here. Please go check it out and let us know what you think. And most of all I want to thank everyone who has put comments here in our guestbook. At the end of a long day when I am completely soaked in dirt and sweat it brings a smile to my face when I come here and see a new message from someone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love - Rocko

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Hello from Mexico (Rocko)

Hello Everyone!

Rocko here in Monterrey, Mexico where we are setting up the stage for the start of the final leg of the U2 Vertigo tour. It is very busy for me here, so I will try to answer questions as I go. First of all - MERCHANDISE! We are in the process of getting some things together for T-shirts, and hopefully it will be available for purchase on-line as well as at the Hawaii show. Please keep in mind that we are road crew, not rock stars. We don't even have a record... well not yet anyway, but you never know. Second of all - we have not had time to go in the studio to record anything so we don't really have any mp3's we could put on the web site. We have reference tapes of our rehearsal - but they are very raw garage band sounding. I hesitate to put that here and have people think we suck, because live on the U2 stage it's gonna sound MASSIVE! I hope to get a video of our Hawaii show and release that, but it's all a bit of a wank if we don't have a record deal. I don't want to wind up with 5,000 dvd's of our show sitting in my garage, ya know what I mean? We shall see, just be patient and we will do whatever fate allows.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Rehearsing in Nashville (Rocko)

Hello everyone! Rocko here. Thanks to all of you who post here. I hope to answer questions whenever I can, as I am leaving soon to start the final leg of the U2 tour. Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and ... oh ya... HAWAII!! We just finished rehearsal in Nashville and the Devils sound absolutely amazing. We will all keep rehearsing as time goes by until the big gig, the Devils in Nashville and me on the road,(in the back of a truck, no doubt). We unfortunately don't have any mp3's of the songs we wrote ... yet! We simply ran out of time to go into a recording studio and do it right, but I think we might get some kind of video of the show in Honolulu. Stay tuned.

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