Thursday, February 9, 2006

Hello from Mexico (Rocko)

Hello Everyone!

Rocko here in Monterrey, Mexico where we are setting up the stage for the start of the final leg of the U2 Vertigo tour. It is very busy for me here, so I will try to answer questions as I go. First of all - MERCHANDISE! We are in the process of getting some things together for T-shirts, and hopefully it will be available for purchase on-line as well as at the Hawaii show. Please keep in mind that we are road crew, not rock stars. We don't even have a record... well not yet anyway, but you never know. Second of all - we have not had time to go in the studio to record anything so we don't really have any mp3's we could put on the web site. We have reference tapes of our rehearsal - but they are very raw garage band sounding. I hesitate to put that here and have people think we suck, because live on the U2 stage it's gonna sound MASSIVE! I hope to get a video of our Hawaii show and release that, but it's all a bit of a wank if we don't have a record deal. I don't want to wind up with 5,000 dvd's of our show sitting in my garage, ya know what I mean? We shall see, just be patient and we will do whatever fate allows.

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