Monday, February 27, 2006

Hi from Brent

Hey this is Brent finally checkin in, the silent keyboard player. Just hearin from you all you guys has sparked an excitement and inspiration. I wanted to answer the question asked me on 2/15 about being so famous in the 80's and now having to back Jonathan Cain? First, I was never so famous, nobody knew who I was because back then I was more like a crew guy playing keyboards offstage. Back in the 80s alot of keyboard players were hidden off to the side in those big hair bands. It wasn't cool to have a keyboard player on stage, But I was as happy as a pig in slop, I was still playing keyboards for my favorite band back then. Now, to work for Journey as Jonathans keyboard tech has been another dream come true. Jonathan Cain has always been my mentor as a keyboard player and songwriter. I feel becoming his tech and him trusting me to watch his back has been the biggest step I've taken in my career(gotta give credit to Rocko and Jay for bring me on). But this whole Rocko and the Devils thing has thrown a whole new twist, another adventure to add in a chapter in my book of life


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