Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New recording - Dirty Roadies

Dear Zootopians,

We have put two new songs on Rocko and the Devils web site. A new mix of "ROAD RAGE" and a song no one has heard (at least not our version) called "Dirty Roadies". Please enjoy them, and if you do.... please tell the planet about our web site.


Rocko and the Devils

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

New recordings from Nashville!!!

ROCKO AND THE DEVILS CALLING!!! ALL RIGHT THEN EVERYONE! I HAVE MY CAPS LOCK FULLY ENGAGED FOR A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! LISTEN UP! .....Ahem,....Sorry about shouting, but we are very excited here in the Rocko and the Devils web site. As you may know, we went into a recording studio last week in Nashville to record our rehearsal for the Hawaii show, and the results were absolutely stunning! We are dying to share the tunes with you all, but we have to move cautiously because of legal stuff (copyright, publishing, public display of affection, that kind of stuff...) so we are going to release the songs one at a time over the next couple of weeks. Make sure your Browser cache is clear before you go there, but if you go to and then click on the MUSIC page and click on "Broken Brains", you will find a brand new remix of our song. I think you will find it very interesting to hear the evolution of the tune from the original version. First of all, it's in stereo! Secondly there are now background vocals on it, and most of all the recording quality is much better than the first basement tapes we have had on the site the past several months. We may be making a big mistake by releasing these for free, but we are just too excited to keep this to ourselves. So download Broken Brains and crank it up on your stereo, I-pod, or whatever media you have, and let us know what you think!!!

Love - Rocko and the Devils

Original post and replies in: U2 Fans Unite in Hawaii message forum