Thursday, May 25, 2006

Calling from San Francisco (Rocko)

Hello!....Hello!.........I'm in a place called San Francisco!! Rocko calling! I am with my fellow Devils Scott, Jim, and Brent at the Journey rehearsal studio in a secret location north of San Francisco getting ready for our short European tour with Journey next week. We are going to Edinburgh, Scotland - Milton Keynes and Manchester, England - with stops at festivals in Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands. (For information on dates go to It's really great to be working with Journey band and crew again; we really have a great family out here, and it will be a fun summer touring North America with Def Leppard and Journey. We have been pretty busy getting things ready, and we haven't had time to play Devil stuff yet, but I am hoping today that we might play a song or two. Make sure you check out the radio interview Scott, Jim and Brent did in Nashville. It's on the "NEWS" page, and you can get there by clicking on NEWS at the top of this page. There is also some new pictures on the PHOTO page, and we will be taking shots of our hijinks this summer and posting them as well. I hope we will run into a few of you as we travel around. Please let us know what you are doing as well! Still haven't heard official word about the U2 tour yet, but trust me, when we do it will be posted here right after I do a little dance and scream "YAHOO!!!" . . . . . .

Love - Rocko

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