Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back from Maui (Rocko)

HELLO! HELLO! Rocko returning to the little slice of reality called home after the most incredible holiday I have ever been on - 2 weeks in Maui!!!! I first of all want to let the Zootopian girls from Canada who ran into to my wife and me in Hana know we are so glad you made it back OK. The Hana highway is the most challenging stretch of road, (with 157 hairpin turns over sheer cliffs). Driving during the day is hard enough, but doing it at dusk and into night as you did is extreme! I will write some more about what I have been up to in the coming days, but first I want to hear about all you guys who went to Honolulu. Your adventures were the talk of the islands ( least on the radio) Please write back.

Love - Rocko

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