Monday, April 24, 2006

Message from Rocko

Wow! is all I can say. The pictures and video are incredible! I am so glad so many of you got to enjoy the spendor of the Hawaiian islands as I did. I was glad to hear that everyone made it home safely, I am sure it is hard for all of you to come down to earth after spending time in the most incredible place on the planet. So today is the day I promised myself I would get back to the bust-ass hard working guy I normally am, and catch up on all the e mails and phone calls. There is lots to do for me, particularly deciding what I will be doing this summer. I have received a lot of offers to go do huge tours for other artists, but I have a feeling I will stay loyal to my friends with Journey so I can be as close as possible to Scott, Jim, and Brent. We shall see.... But for now I will be checking in every day here on the website, so please drop a note and let us know what your thoughts and comments are. Talk to you soon!


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