Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Honolulu here we come (Rocko)

G'day my friends! Rocko calling from the land down under! It is a beautiful day in Brisbane, Australia, and the U2 crew is all here putting the tour back together for the rescheduled shows. The plane ride to get here was brutal(30 hours of flying for me), but it was great to get back together with my U2 crew mates again! Everyone on the U2 crew is excited for us to be playing in Hawaii, and we are ready to rock! We will be here in Brisbane polishing up the stage and programming all the lights, sound, and video for U2 to carry on the Vertigo tour to completion. There is a great sense of pride amongst the crew to make this the best shows we have ever been a part of for the band, and we are anxious to kick it into gear and get the show on the road!!!!

Sorry the Rocko and the Devils site has been wacky lately, and thanks to our fantastic web mistress Melanie for getting it going again. She is truly the "queen of Cyberspace" for us. Thank you, and a big shout out to Melanie!!!! There was such a tremendous surge of people coming here that the server did a meltdown. Thank you all for your patience and understanding - and please keep coming and writing to us on this guest book page. We love to hear from you! Time for me to get to work, but we look forward to reading your comments each day! As you can see, we have lost a ton of postings from you all since August 28th - which is regrettable, but I hope you will spread the word that we are up and running again, and you can fill it up again with your wit, wisdom and love!!!! Honolulu here we come.......

Love - Rocko

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