Monday, November 13, 2006

Aloha from Brent

Hey Everybody Brent here, haven't signed on for quite a while, But like Rocko has said we all have been very been this summer. Scott, Jim and I are coming up to our 80th show with the Journey and Def Leppard tour. What a great experience this has been. We all got along great and became 1 big happy family. I had the opportunity to rekindle a friendship with Dave Wolf, Def Leppards Guitar tech who I worked with back in 1987 on my first tour with Stryper. Anyway, 5 shows left on this classic rock tour, and we are all starting to really focus on the big show coming up in Hawaii. Even though Rocko is on the opposite side of the planet, we are staying in touch daily, (I'd hate to see Rockos phone bill). We will be getting together for a dress rehearsal in Nashville before flying out to Hawaii. Less than a month away.WOW

Aloha, Brent

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