Saturday, November 18, 2006

Devils open at 6:30 PM in Honolulu (Rocko)

Dear Everyone, First of all - THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!! You have done an amazing job of getting the word out about our band. People are coming to this web site in record numbers, and downloading our tunes more than ever before! We have just found out that Rocko and the Devils will be performing at 6:30 PM on December 9th. The ticketed show time is listed as an hour later, but we are starting this early to make sure that Pearl Jam and U2 have enough time to do their full sets. We hope you all can spread the word so there is still a lot of fans there early enough to see us. We are just grateful for the opportunity to play for you all, no matter what time we start our show! To be able to open for two of the biggest bands in the world is beyond comprehension, however for us personally to be able to perform for you guys, the fans of U2 and Pearl Jam.... well.... I gotta tell you.... we are overwhelmed with joy!!! Thank you so much, and get ready for a burst of energy and excitement that will make your soul shake to the core!!!! . .. ..

Love - Rocko

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