Friday, December 1, 2006

Singing with U2 in Tokyo (Rocko)

Dear friends of the Devils,

Rocko calling! Sorry I have been out of touch with you all, it has been extremely busy in U2 world. The roller coaster of life on the road with U2 has been going 1,000 mph, and the events leading up to our performance in Hawaii has taken some exciting turns. I am so excited I can't sleep, it is 5:30 AM here in Tokyo. We have done 2 shows here and had to load out the equipment for 3 days so Eric Clapton can do a show in the same venue tonight. On the flight here 5 days ago, I played a song for Bono on the plane, it is a song that you guys have not heard us play yet, and I was going to let it be a surprise.... but the sequence of events over the last few days has me reeling.

We have a version of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" that we are going to open our show with in Hawaii, but it is unlike anything you have ever heard. Everyone knows it is against the Rules of Rock to try to play a song by the Fab Four and expect people to like it, but we are very proud of this one. I had not let the members of U2 hear any of our stuff yet, but I let Bono hear it on the flight to Tokyo...... and his reaction was incredible. The next things that happened are beyond belief for me, so I would not be surprised if you think I am making this up, but it did happen, I swear!!!!!!

Last night U2 did a performance of "Vertigo" and "Windows in the Sky" on a rooftop in downtown Tokyo for live broadcast on Japanese television. The view was absolutely spectacular!!! Bono was busy all day with speaking engagements to increase awareness of World AIDS Day in places all over Tokyo. Once again I am so proud to be involved with a man who gives so much of himself to help the world community, he is an inspiration to me when I am dead tired from hauling 30 trucks of gear around the world for U2. Because he could not be at the location until about 20 minutes before the live performance broadcast all over Japan, Edge had asked me to stand -in for Bono for the run through's in the, excuse me? I dreaming?.......did Rocko just say that he sang with U2 on a rooftop in Tokyo?

.......Yep, I got to sing with Adam, Edge, and Larry with the beautiful city of Tokyo spectacularly lit up in the background. It makes playing in Hawaii seem like a walk in the park, but I am soooooooo excited I am about to burst. My vocals were not great on Vertigo or Windows by comparison to the greatest singer in the world, but for these guys to let me do this with them........I have no words that could adequately describe how I feel. I am still numb to the whole thing, maybe I am still asleep and I am just dreaming that all of this happened........OW! ......nope ......I just punched myself in the face and it really hurt, so I guess this is real!!!!!!

The one thing I do not want to lose track of as we move ever so closer to the show in Honolulu is this - if it was not for all of you, the incredible fans of U2 who come to our web site, none of this would be possible. I would just be the dirty roadie that I have been for the last 32 years, loading 'em in and loading 'em out. You all have made this a spectacular event in our lives, for Scott, Jim, Larry, Brent, and me, and I hope we don't disappoint you when we play. Everything we do is for you, and I hope we are worthy of all the love you have shared with us. Stand by to go live!! You guys are the biggest part of the Devils!!!!!!

Love - Rocko

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