Saturday, December 9, 2006

Devils rock the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii!!!

What a show!!!!!!!!!

See the complete photo album on the Rocko and the Devils web site:

Some comments from the ones who were there at the Aloha Stadium:

"You Guys ROCKED the stage in Hawaii.... Awesome band, Awesome music. Hope to hear more from you guys in the future."

"What an amazing show! We were right down in front of the stage to watch as Rocko and the Devils treated the crowd to a healthy serving of all out rock and roll. Wonderful version of "Eleanor Rigby." Outstanding and heartfelt version of "Dirty Roadie." Everyone in the band was feeling it and playing great. They just nailed the closing version of "I Wanna Be Sedated." The crowd loved the Devils! We were all smiles and high-fives throughout the set. As a fellow graduate, I was totally stoked to see two fellow alums of Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois (Rocko and Larry) setting the bar for Pearl Jam and U2. By the way, we got many compliments on the high-quality Devils t-shirts. Hope you sold all of them! Still glowing! " ~ Mike-o

"Rocko, the smile on your face last night as you guys played was angelic :) (a devil? yeah right lol). you fairly glowed the entire set. And you had the crowd listening from the get go, you really know how to engage people to listen. The rest of you guys were fantastic too - the sound was incredibly clear in the stands, much more clear than the band that followed you :). My friend jacquie (justgimmewhatiwant) just said to tell you: she was very impressed, and thought you were awesome too... that you guys are incredible live. I agree. " ~Donna m

"Hey Rocko and the Devils! You guys did a FANTASTIC JOB on Saturday night - bona fide rock stars to be sure! Your energy and enthusiasm on stage was so apparent, we could see you guys were enjoying every second of the performance, as did we :) It won't be long now that the "Who the hell are these guys?' will have to be deleted from your concert t-shirts. ... I hope you guys can get some much deserved rest and relaxation for a little while at least. Keep following your dreams and we hope to see you again soon." ~ The Canadian Contigent Cathy, Kim, Katie, Dorota, Penny, Mel, Mike, Janet and Trev

"Now that was a fun show! Rocko and you little Devils you R-O-C-K!!! Didn't get to buy your t-shirt so now I'll have pay like $500 on e-bay or something, darn. So anyway you were great and the night was great at Aloha. Thanks for rocking and for taking care of the Rockstar. You are the Rockstar's Rockstar!" ~ Love, Alli M, Alameda, CA

"Wow...Rocko, you guys were awesome....I really thought the energy was amazing! And since I was on the end of Edge's B-stage I got a handshake from Rocko!! Congratulations on your chance to shine in front of the stadium crowd! I really appreciate all you have gone through to get to that point!! Sounded great ...keep it up guys!" ~ Eden aka Steelerfan!!

"You were clearly having a lot of fun, and your energy was infectious. Thanks for the entertainment - and for setting the mood for U2 - it was a great show. IMHO - PJ should have stayed home, and let you guys play longer :-)) Take care guys, and keep rockin" ~ Julie aka trinity1167

"Rocko and the rest of the Devils! I could not WAIT to see you guys take the stage and I was not disappointed! As soon as I heard you start I dropped my stuff at the ONE table and ran down to watch. What fun!!!! ... And I can't wait to see who ends up opening up for YOU GUYS ONE DAY!" ~ Beth (trescrazymonkeys!) P.S. Thanks for kicking off a great show. Oh and by the way, "Road Rage" got me through most of mile 17 in the marathon......! Had it in my ipod!

"Your set in Bonolulu was definately a highlight Rocko. It was almost surreal, but for a little while yours, and ours, dream came true. i even got Eleanor Rigby after you said you weren't playing it - go on, lie to me again . . . . . LOL! and i can't see this performance as a one-time shot - yer good! see you soon. may you get everything your heart desires -you worked hard and deserve it. stay close" ~ sammi from seattle =)

"is it really over? I mean... really??? when's the next Rocko and the Devils show? I guess now the U2 crew has finally understood that sign I had... "I love Dirty Roadies"... My horns have been with me for all the dates of the australian tour as you know, and now they're in my suitcase, sadly waiting for another chance... I was prepared to have a post-U2-tour depression, and I have a post-Rocko and the Devils-gig depression instead. It would've been better for me without PJ, and one hour and half of you guys!!! It was so great to be there and see you playing in front of that giant crowd... and Scott's face when he saw me and my horns and my signs, and the surprise on his face watching me singing along to most of the Devils songs..... hehe ok I'll admit I haven't learnt Road Rage too well :p Thank you guys... ... Thank you, thank you, thank you, I will miss you. Here's to hoping I'll see you and the Devils again on stage soon :)" ~ Love, Germana

"Dear Rocko, thank you very much for coming over, for adding something to the banner. 'The devils work is never done.' I sure hope so, because I really enjoyed the show. You all looked so delighted up there. It really was a treat to see and hear you guys deliver what you promised. heehee, I was actually proud to be wearing those silly horns Germana pushed in my hands :-). ... // congrats for fulfilling dreams. Life doesn't get much better than that !" ~ Love, Tina

"Hi Devils! What a great show you guys did! Congratulations :) That was so awesome, you rocked the stadium and its surroundings. Let us know if you're going to play more gigs. Thanks for keeping in touch with all of us these months. Rocko, I did finish the marathon after the show, in 4:44 hours. Could have been less if I hadn't injured my knee after 20 miles. It was great anyway, the adrenaline of your show, PJ and U2 was still running through my body. A big mahalo to all you Devils! I wear my Devils shirt with pride! Take care." ~ Hans

"Thanks for the great opening to an excellent concert. Looking forward to your next tour!!" ~ Paula

"Hello Rocko, hello Devils! Mahalo for a wonderful show in Honolulu. I had a great time listening to you and seeing how much fun you all had up on stage. It was even better than listening to your recordings. I hope that your shirts will be available online because I couldn't find any :( Happy Holidays!!" ~ JuneT

"Hey Rocko- You guys were amazing in Honolulu....I would rather see you than most opening acts any day. Your set had so much energy and you really seemed to be having fun up there. My friend and I were down on rail on the headphone on Edge's side and we were shrieking like little girls when you reached out and touched our hands. Thanks again!" ~ Emily

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Anonymous said...

No surprise Rocko, you were great and so was the music. Maybe one day we will see you and the devils in


Anonymous said...

It has been many years! We were REALLY HAPPY for YOU and the Devils when we just happened to stumble upon what you have been up to. We are impressed with your music and your talent stands out. You deserve the best!!!