Monday, June 12, 2006

About opening acts (Rocko)

When it comes to opening acts for any of the artists I work with I try to make them feel like stars. I live through their adventures, and I want them to walk away from the experience feeling that they were taken care of as professionally as possible. One never knows who the next "big thing" will be. The first time I met U2 they were the opening act for The J Geils Band. They were young, brash, high energy kids who hadn't yet acheived their musical peak. (...a nice way of saying they weren't that good yet!) You treat people the way you would like to be treated - with respect and encouragement. Some acts are so used to being treated like dirt by other productions they don't know how to react to my ways of doing business. I have had bands offer me gifts and money for special treatment - which I turn down and tell them "...give it to the guys who don't treat you with respect after they are done abusing you, it might make them realise how unprofessional they really are acting". Secret Machine, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol. Kanye West, the list of my new friends from this last U2 tour is quite long, and I would be happy to work with any of them again. However I would not be buying any of their CD's..... only because I don't buy anyone's records. I have plenty of music drifting in my head already!

Love - Rocko

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