Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I Don't Wanna

Greetings Devils Advocates! As you may have noticed, we now have a VIDEO of one of the songs we played in Hawaii up on the web site. Thank you to "The Doctor" for putting the technology together to do this. As I said in the last blog, there is a bit of work involved with putting any thing in the cyber domain without going through the legal stuff. This song was written by a friend of ours from Nashville by the name of J Paul. The first time I heard it on his myspace page ( www.myspace.com/jpaulmusic ), I really wanted to try to play it with the Devils. We had to change the key that it was written in originally, because I just can't sing that high!! We wanted to wait until J Paul actually heard our version of his song, to make sure he didn't hate it, before putting it on the Rocko and the Devils site. He wrote me back after seeing it and had very nice things to say about our performance. What a great guy, and what a talented songwriter. Check out his myspace, I think you will like his stuff.

I would love to put more stuff up, and I will in time, but please enjoy this one and let us know what you think. Please don't bother with any comparisons of his version to our version, ....that's boring! We love and respect J Paul for letting us play his song, and we hope you enjoy both versions!!! Talk at ya soon!!!

Love - Rocko


Bajagirl said...

Love the song, and love the video.

I think you're voice sounds great, and gives it a certain quality, of someone thats been around the block and knows what he is talking about.

Oh, and I can see my hand in the video...YAY!

kite said...

yayay...Rocko and the boys in tha hoooouse :P I love it Rocko..and now I really hate myself for having those last cents in my account...I should be totally broke...but have gone to hawaii :P As I told u in OZ..I knew I'd regret not going :P Thank you for sharing it...and good vibes for your 'cave' times :P

donna_m said...

i remember that! i thought that was the best song of the night - you running around the extra ramps grinning like a kid in a candy store :) thanks for finding a way to share it with us.

Gerry said...


So nice to see & hear you perform!
Geez I would have gladly had you support the lads on the Australian Leg.

Thanks for being so open, kind & caring towards others...there should be more people like u!

Rock On!
Brisbane Australia