Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy St. Valentine Birthday, to all the animals!

Today is a very special day- February 14th. This is the day that each year my wife and I celebrate our pet's birthday. Since our pets have always been acquired through Animal Shelters or Forgotten Four Paws, we aren't really sure of their official birthday. So we decided to consolidate them into one day that we could easily remember. Valentines Day just seemed like the best day because it's basis is pretty much centered around love, and the pets just overflow with unquestioning love for us. No matter how long I am gone.....6 minutes or 6 months, they are overjoyed at my return. We have 3 cats....all girls, so you don't tell their age.... their names are B.B. (as in B.B. King), Kiki (as in Kiki Dee), and Minky (as in...Minky!) Then there is their big brother....a Norwegian Elk hound, German Shepard mix who's name is Sharky. They are super-friends to them selves and us. We don't really consider them our pets as much as our furry children. To celebrate the occasion we are going to let them split an entire(de-boned of course)roasted chicken. They enjoy this more than you can imagine, and tolerate us singing "Happy Birthday" while they politely share the bird. So to all of you and all of them.......Happy St. Valentines Birthday!!!
Love - Rocko


Germana said...

aaaaaaaaawwwwwww that is such a nice idea!!! it's so cool that you got them all through shelters :)

Happy birthday to them four then!!!
but hey... who de-bones the chicken??? that must be a tough job... with all those small bones...
and doesn't Sharky get the most of it? or does he let his sisters have their good share too?

donna_m said...

happy valentines to you and your furry friends. i lost my cat midnight, of 12 years on monday.. i know what u mean about family. his sister sparky is still going strong and we have a 6 yr old jack russel named minnie. my hubby is now outnumbered 3 to 1 :)

Tina said...

You had me freaking out over the chicken, until I read 'de-boned'. I love the idea ! Happy belated birthday to the bunch of 'm :)

Got an equally furry family, one cat Molly (as in Molly Malone) and one dog Nusa, bouvier, both female. So with only my husband as man in the household, us - femmes - are always in the majority too.

What balance ?

Abigail said...

Hi Rocko

Having Valentines as a pets day is a great idea I think.

I have alot of dogs (furry children) here and they all come from rescue situations too. However I am lucky that most of them are greyhounds with their old racing tattoo's so I can find out their exact birthdays. The only exception is my little Mona who is a Spanish Greyhound who was found stray in rural Spain as a puppy (with deformed hip). I don't know her birthday and maybe it would be good if Valentines could be hers too - I like that idea.

I shall now attempt to include a photo of my Rory at his birthday party. He didn't want to share his cake hehe. If all that shows up is some odd link then I guess I stuffed up - sorry Germana lol

Well happy valentines to you, the Devils and your pets :)

Abigail (UK)

abigail said...

Can't get photo to work. Tried 3 different ways - nevermind.

Paula said...

Have four dog-children...15, 7, 5, and 3...know all their birthdays. Since one of my dogs and a friend's dog had birthdays close together, we had a big b'day party and invited all their friends. They enjoyed a pyramid of homemade liver pate. They were all on their best behavior!! lol