Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hola from partly sunny Florida!

Well, here it is, my first Devil's Blog!! Had a few questions from everyone on the guestbook the other day, so here goes.

Germana- Yes, I do enjoy a good bottle of wine! I have been big on Australian wines lately. So much great wine, for a reasonable price! I am always up for suggestions on new ones, so lay some on me!! As for my everyday life? There are some things that happen on a daily basis when we are on the road, like unloading the truck, setting up the gear, doing the show, and putting it all back in the truck. However, it's the new faces and places that keep me out here. I love to travel, and experience new things, and being on the road, for me, is the ultimate way to see and learn something new every day. Not to mention, I get to play with cool toys!!!

Donna, I will visit my myspace later today.

Tina- I actually use my pedals on stage (did for the hawaii show) to get "my sound". I build them to keep me out of trouble when I am off the road. Got to have something to do with my free time, or I get stir crazy!! I also sell them through a friends store in San Francisco. As for a tropical island....... Had a fruity adult beverage or two, played a big rock show, and took a week off in Maui with my Girl!! Life is good!

Anyway, I would reallly like to say a personal Thank You to all of you who come and share in our little den of iniquity here on the web. I do check the message board almost daily, and really enjoy reading everyones comments and thoughts. Keep them coming!! Now, let me see if I can get some other Devilish figures to say hi!



Germana said...

A man who keeps his promises!
Australian wines.... yep, they're good! you made me remember about the wineries tour we had around Melbourne back in march... haha... we had to keep our mind off the postponed shows and I can tell you that LOTS of alcohol flowed...
I also had a winery tour in New Zealand (it was already scheduled) the day after the postponement was announced... talk about timing!
Aaanyway... you know I'm italian, don't you? and we have quite a few good ones there that are not so well known as a Brunello or a Chianti, and to me they're even better! My absolute favourite is from "Cantine Due Palme" (this is the winery) and is called "SelvaRossa". Since I'm no good in describing wines, I've found some expert's review:
SelvaRossa Riserva
And btw... it's from the same region I come from :)
I'll see if I can sneak a bottle in the US for you!

Your comment about your everyday life made me think about a catchy tune I've heard somewhere... must've been while I was in Hawaii... the refrain was something like "gotta load 'em in, gotta load 'em out..." :p

And you have a girl?!!?! Good! I had read in your blog on myspace that it was the only drawback of life on the road for you, I'm glad you found someone :D

Germana said...

WOWOWOWO I found an online shop :D

SelvaRossa online

Germana said...

grrrrrrrr......... broken link on that page... but I'll find it, I'll find it...

Tina said...

Aaah !! the guitarist and 'his sound'. I've been doing a fair bit of reading on Edge and his sound, and Dallas slips a thing or two off his mouth occasionally in interviews, so I think I know what you mean. It must be neat to get it right by making what you need yourself. It's one of my eternal frustrations to have ideas in my head on how things should look, feel, sound, ... and simply not find them anywhere.

Maui ... hmmmm :-) We spent a week there before we came to Honolulu, so our arrival at the latter caused quite a cultural shock.
I take it you did the road to Hana ? As the bridge was still closed after the earthquake, and we couldn't make the full circle by car, we opted to fly out there by helicopter and come back by car. It was spectacular ! And funny as at some points I felt like I was looking down on broccoli. LOTS of it. :-)

Bajagirl said...

Ah, you check the page/blog every day! Ha, ha, ha seems some devils are getting a little addicted to the net. :p

Good to hear from Scott, lets see if the others pop up here.

As for wines, you should try some of the Mexican wines from the Baja California region. One of my favorites is "Monte Xanic" brand, they have a nice range of wines, and they deliver.

maggie said...

You guys don't need wine--you need Hop Devil. Cleverly named and devilishly tasty :)

donna_m said...

Scott, thanks much for the myspace thing. and for the info on pedals. as tina said, i too have been reading lately about Edges pedals and delays and its starting to make sense to me (the guy on this website has diagrams which make it easier to 'picture') its a fascinating thing to do to create sound. (pssst... and you come here every day? yer as bad as us!)

Intell said...

Great job in Clearwater- thanks for making it happen. You guys rock! (I was the one who shouted "have a great time in the UK" post concert).

Hope you guys get a chance to open a show again soon or be the main attraction. I was SO hoping you would open in Clearwater again as that is where I first heard you play. It was so cool that you did that and you were great!

Take care.

kite said...

hello hello Scott and Devils...nice to see u around...yayaya :)

Just a little question..which is your favourite guitar? The one you keep dear to u..may it be for it's sound or just the look? I always wonder that!! As for wines...I think it is from California...(Germanaa??) but have you tried Blossom Hill rose? I had a lot of it last year...and it was sooo nice :)

You said you like to go on the road to see the new faces and places..right? Well, if you want to teach a new face..take me on the road...will you? I always dreamed of being a tech..learned a bit last year at the Everyman last year, in Cork, ended up doing a few concerts and the Guiness JAzz festival which was absolutely amazing and my best experience as a tech so day..maybe one day..I will be out there on the road as well...fingers crossed....if you want to leave any piece of advice for this 'baby roadie'..please do so!!! :) Hugs