Sunday, September 30, 2007

Well.....Oops!.....we did it again.

Well.....Oops!.....we did it again. The Devils pulled off another live performance in Victoria, BC. Once again I gotta tell you, WE HAD A BLAST! Granted, it was not the scale of our show with U2 last December, but the fun-factor was almost as good. The time leading into the gig was the most special to me however. Spending some time with Hans and Germana in Marysville, meeting Sammie again in Seattle, and having Donna with us at 2 shows was just as wonderful to me as the actual performance by the Devils. You are all very special friends to us, and we cannot thank you enough for all of your love and support for us. Also we want to thank all of you who were there in spirit.

As for our show in Victoria, it was more fun for us and the crew than for the Def Leppard fans, or so it seemed from my perspective. Let's face it...there is NOTHING like Zootopians! We had some problems with the sound board in the afternoon, so or only chance for rehearsal before the show kind of evaporated, but the Devils came through anyway! The guys in the band - Brent, Jim, Larry, Scott, and Terry all gave 1,000% and shined like the stars that they are. The crowd seemed a bit lifeless for the first couple of songs, but the guys played their arses off! I went out on the thrust that goes out into the audience to try to get the crowd going, and when the people just sat in their seats as I was singing to them, I decided to take it up a notch and jumped off the stage to take some laps through the crowd and bring the music even closer to them. I am sure they thought I was nuts, but since I am - it either entertained or frightened them. I think that's what I was after, and I succeeded!! I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the show and the load out, so I am sorry I didn't post something here sooner.

I still have 3 more Def Leppard shows to go, and the days are quite busy. After I get home at the end of this week I will give more details, and as soon as we can get the technology together, I am sure we will have some video. We are hoping to go into the studio in October to record our new song "Domino", so we will have something for you if all goes well. Mostly I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for your love and support. I am humbled by everything you do for us. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!

Love - Rocko

See the amazing pictures of Rocko and the Devils in concert in Victoria on the Photos page at


d said...

you are nuts in the best way possible. in fact, you qualify for fruitcake status along wth the rest of us fruitcakes, schoo cakes and now devil's food cakes :)

assume you got home safe and in one piece? hope you are sleeping in late, doing nothing and eating some good home cooked meals!

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