Friday, September 7, 2007

Rocko and the Devils Open for Def Leppard

It's Official!! Management signed off on us opening in Victoria, BC, Canada. Def Leppard with special guest Rocko and the Devils on September 28th at Save On Foods Memorial Centre.

Love - Rocko and the Devils

... 2 days earlier :

HELLO EVERYONE! THE DEVILS ARE CALLING! Boy oh boy! It has been a busy time on the Def Leppard tour for us Devils. The day after my birthday, August 21st in Raleigh, South Carolina - about 10 minutes before the show a huge storm came through and tore the roof off the stage we were set up on! Pulled it back like a sardine can and dumped tons of water all over the equipment....Check out the video on YouTube ( ) No one was seriously hurt, but the show was postponed until a week later. Unfortunately that put us on a schedule of 10 shows in the last 13 days, with long bus rides on the few days off.

Sorry I have not written to you all sooner, but it has been a bit hectic. We have been working on a little something in the mean time however.......and I think you may already know what it is.......... OK......We have been very anxious to tell you this.........but after the embarrassment with the TV people, I was hesitant to say anything until it was a "for sure thing".

We got permission from the Def Leppard band members, we got the OK from the promoter, we got the OK from the booking agent, but we are still waiting for the top brass in management to say "IT"S A GO" before we announce that ..................ROCKO AND THE DEVILS WILL BE THE OPENING ACT FOR DEF LEPPARD ON SEPTEMBER 28TH IN VICTORIA, VANCOUVER ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA!!!!!!

Love - Rocko and the Devils

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