Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hawaii concert photo album (Rocko)

Well, well, well.....sorry it has been a while. Rocko here! I know it has been a long time coming. but the photo page has been updated with pictures from Hawaii (

What an incredible night that was! We are all still reeling after that experience! What can we every possibly do to top that. All of you who came to the show were so kind to us, it was as if you really sort of knew us before we played the show. It was completely a whirlwind experience, since right after we finished I had to turn back into the stage manager and do all the tasks for the end of the tour. I never really got a chance to talk to the U2 band members after the show, other than to give 'em a hug and say good-bye. That's just the way it goes I suppose, but I will see them again sooner than I realize. In the mean time, I am spending quite a lot of time in my studio basement (which my wife named "The Man Cave") and I will be spinning my wheel on creating more songs. If you have photos from December 9th, please use our web site to post them, we would love to see more from you all. Talk to you soon!.........

Love - Rocko

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